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Spanish for Veterinary Students

We definitely have a soft spot for our vet students enrolled in our "crash courses" mostly offered during their breaks from regular classes. It's the only time we ever do group classes and we offer the course at a discounted rate for them.  

Screenshot of our Spanish for Vet Students from the website

As we know, effective communication is at the heart of veterinary care. For students pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, the ability to converse with Spanish-speaking clients can foster trust and understanding. Our goal is to help enhance the students' career opportunities once they graduate and join the workforce.

The Spanish for Veterinary Students courses meet four to five times a week for a two-week intensive course during winter, spring and summer breaks for the overachievers wanting to improve their Spanish language skills. Many universities help pay for the students, so minimum attendance is necessary to receive a certificate of completion. 

While we love our regular classes, our vet student courses have a special spot in our organization and when they come up, our teachers fight for the opportunity to teach these courses because they are so much fun. We wish they could be longer! 

We're in the works in developing full Spanish courses for some universities and have been blessed with working with some great student organizations like LVMA as well as working with Ross, St. George, Tufts, Oklahoma State, Lincoln Memorial, Michigan State, NC State, University of Arizona, and University of Pennsylvania, just to name a few. 😀

Don't see your school in the list?  ¡Vamos! Contact us now and let's embark on this linguistic adventure together.

Hasta luego!

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