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Spanish for Exotics Practice

Our module for client communication concerning exotic pets helps vet pros effectively interact and communicate the pets' needs to their guardians, en español. Given the diversity and unique needs of these animals, the course is personalized towards the specific species that you treat. You let us know what species you see and we'll role-play to help you develop a target language more suited to your practice. 

Exotics practice in Spanish screenshot from the website

For a lot of our teachers, this is the most amusing course to teach because the anecdotes from the vet pros are unexpected and sometimes hilarious. 

Patients have included:

  • Conejos

  • Conejillos de indias

  • Dragones barbudos

  • Camaleones

  • Hurones

  • Culebras

  • Pollos de mascotas

How many of these exotic pets did you already know? 


  • Rabbits

  • Guinea Pigs (This one was tricky)

  • Bearded Dragons (Now you know how to say "bearded")

  • Chameleons (Probably the easiest one)

  • Ferrets (Not even close)

  • Snakes

  • Pet chickens (adorbs)

Hope to hear more of your crazy stories soon and that you enjoy Spanish for Exotics Practice.

Hasta luego!

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