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Practical, Relevant, Fun

Spanish for Veterinary Professionals was designed by a veterinarian and a teacher, currently based in Colombia. By combining language learning techniques and animal case-based content and vocabulary, we optimize your time and effort. We loved creating this course and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Dr Mandala has over 16 years of experience as a veterinarian, both working in mixed-animal veterinary clinics in the USA as well as wildlife sanctuaries internationally in China, Vietnam and Ethiopia. She is a mountaineer, rock climber, ice climber and is currently a Spanish-learner in Colombia. She is the Senior Veterinarian for Animals Asia's Veterinary Welfare Training Program in China. 

Although Pete was born and raised in the USA, he is a fluent Spanish speaker as most of his family is from Colombia. He has spent the past 20 plus years traveling around the world teaching English as second language, is a certified dive instructor and is currently the Head Teacher Trainer of TEFL Colombia as well as the founder of English Gamer Zone

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Prof Mari - Spanish for Vet Pros
Profesora Marcela - Spanish for Vet Pros
Profesor Eddie - Spanish for Vet Pros
Prof Dani - Spanish for Vet Pros

Professor Mari Pulido is from Bogotá, Colombia and has over ten years of experience teaching Spanish, English and French to adults. She has worked in different language schools and is currently working on her own podcast to help Spanish learners.  She has taught Spanish to embassy staff members, multinational company managers as well as couples who want to adopt Colombian children She has a master's in international relations because she dreams of working in international cooperation projects in the future.

Afrodita the black cat

Afrodita la gatica

Professor Marcela Sejín is from Monteria, Colombia and has over four years of experience teaching Spanish and English to adults and children. Teaching Spanish is her passion but apart from teaching languages, she has a degree in business administration and is also a Spanish translator. She has worked in different language schools and is doing a Master's degree in Linguistics applied to teaching Spanish.  Being the daughter of a Spanish teacher and a veterinarian, Marcela has also grown up with a tremendous love not only for languages but also for animals. Her family has adopted many animals over the years, but currently they only have three dogs, Nala, Coco y Chanel. She also loves painting and dining out with her friends.



Hi! I'm Eddie and, I am an online teacher. I have taught English and Spanish to students of different ages from around the world for many years. My lessons are encouraging and fun, always trying to make my students laugh and have a good time, motivating them to enjoy the class, feel free to speak, and, see learning as something interesting. I am patient, engaging, and, passionate about helping my students achieve their goals in a comfortable environment. I love sports, music, and watching movies. I also love traveling and of course, I love teaching.

Dani Alfonso is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. She has over 10+ years of experience teaching Spanish and English for adults and children. Recently, she is dedicated to creating quality content for Spanish- learners through Simple Spanish Project. Dani is also anthropologist and specialist in cultural management. She also works as an illustrator and tattoo artist.

Una familia feliz ©
juicy security officer.jpg
Pina Colada.jpg
Gin being standoffish

La Señorita Juice, our bilingual Head of Security, joined our team in 2020.


Juicy's expertise in separation anxiety makes her a perfect employee as she knows where everyone is at all times. She may check on you during class to make sure you're OK as well.


¡Espera que la Jugosita te conosca por videollamada!

Juicy rescue poster.jpg

Juicy's leg was broken and she needed help.

La Señorita Piña Colada is our Customer Service Manager. 

Having grown up on the streets, she has encountered all different types of personalities, and her motto is"¡Sin Problemas!"

She will always greet you with a smile and will easily solve all of your problems.

With her team around her, everyone is a winner!

Pina Colada first day.jpg

Her first night inside

El Señor Gin, our Quality Control Officer, was a sad stray kitten in China when adopted by Mandala in 2013 and now watches over us from wherever kitties go when they pass from our world. 


He traveled to 4 countries and enjoyed being able to boss us around to maintain our high standard.

Gindles still judges everyone and makes sure our Spanish courses are purrfect, o si no, nos mira con su cara de desaprobación. 

Gin rescue photo. ©

Ginny was rescued in China

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