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Different organizations, specialties or different species all need specific target language.

Let's work together to create a tailored language program!

For our small animal course, click here: 


Specialized target language for your emergency clinic

Emergency medicine is already a high-stress situation for all involved, and being able to communicate in Spanish will make things better!


With our flexible schedules and interactive format, let's chat about special group rates for your organization!

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Para organizaciones no gubernamentales ayudando nuestros amigos peluditos.
Spay/neuter/wellness campaigns in Spanish-speaking countries

We create tailored modules for the specific vocabulary and situation of the trip. The organization or individual may provide us an additional list of targeted language and describe the situation so as to maximize the time for learning Spanish.

Let's chat about special group rates for your organization!

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Te ayudamos a ayudar.

To be able to communicate with Spanish-speaking staff

You provide the context and we make the course tailored for you and your staff! What's the most common breakdown in communication? What do you wish you could say to the clients without a translator?

Let us help you provide better care for your equine clientele.

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Para todas las especialidades. 

Different needs for different specialty.

How would  cataract surgery be explained to Spanish-speaking clients? 

How would a complex surgery like a TPLO be explained?

Dermatology is complicated enough in English; we provide content just as complicated in Spanish!

Diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, dentistry or any other specialties need to communicate with clients, too.

Contact us to discuss your needs and your situation and we will gladly create a course for you and your staff.

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Hablemos sobre el ornitorrinco.

Exotics, avian, mixed animal medicine and more 

Pocket pets, reptiles and birds...Spanish-speaking clients also have them as part of their families!

We follow the similar format as our small animal modules but with different target language and vocabulary.

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