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Billing and Finance in Spanish

She works haaaaaard for the money! So haaaaaaard honey honey. No? Look up Donna Summer and thank me later. :)  Although most vet professionals don't join the industry for the income, you still have to talk about it with clients. There are many factors that make it tricky, normally, adding a language barrier makes it even more of a challenge. 

Let's tackle that challenge together as we go through the billing and finance options in Spanish, that is relevant to your practice. We'll first conduct a Q&A in Spanish to find out the actual details of your current clinic/hospital/etc, which we can deconstruct and organize into the best target language for your Spanish-speaking clients. 

Screenshot of Module 4

In our 4th module together, we review everything we've learned so far, expand previously covered topics, go through some emergency situations or specialized cases, if relevant to your practice. Many students continue taking Modules with us as general review and vocabulary expansion, but upon completion of the four base modules, you have the communication tools necessary to communicate with a Spanish-speaking client from the First Consultation to payment. You now speak Spanish for Vet Pros!

But wait, there's more. 😀 You may keep taking classes indefinitely! Language learning/practicing is a never ending journey. Or you can check out one of our many specialty courses, which Dr. Mandala will tell us more about in the next blog!  

Hasta luego!

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