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Practical, Relevant & Fun Spanish Classes

As a student of Spanish for Vet Pros, you can expect practical, relevant and fun Spanish classes. Let's break it down!

photo of Mandala and Pete with a stethoscope with a dog patient in the cage behind them
Dr. Mandala and Professor Pete in the charity small animal clinic in Vietnam, where they started their journey together.


When designing language courses I tend to include a lot of fun facts about the language itself. A little bit of history, random facts, etymology, etc, is peppered throughout the many courses that I've had the pleasure of designing. These include teacher training courses, English courses, Spanish courses and industry-specific courses, like Spanish for Vet Pros. One of the first notes from my co-founder was to cut all of the unrelated knowledge tidbits out of this course. Ain't nobody got time for dat! 😀

One of the main objectives is to provide a 100% practical course. Each module is focused on its topic and provides alternate vocabulary according to the students' clinic or practice. 


Keeping our classes to a maximum of three students allows us to tailor each module according to the students' needs. We wouldn't be talking about reptiles if you never see ectotherms in your practice. And we would never use the word "ectotherms" in an exotics-based module anyway! What is relevant to client communication is rarely the usage of medical terms. Excoriation = a scratch. 

We keep our modules relevant to our students' practical application of the Spanish language towards their clients. We cover the basics when it comes to grammar, but none of our modules focuses on Spanish grammar.  


Part of our teacher training is to ensure that the teacher's  classroom approach is fun. We appreciate our students taking extra time out of their already busy day to improve their life skills for their clients. 

In every class, everyone has the opportunity to interact with the target language both as client and vet pro, expand on the vocabulary as necessary, ask any questions, and role play real-life scenarios, in Spanish.  

We laugh at our linguistic errors while correcting them in a non-judgemental and caring environment. We're very happy to create a safe space where making mistakes is encouraged. The more we make mistakes, the more we learn! We're blessed with a wonderful faculty of teachers and a lovely admin staff that help our students achieve success.

With our focus on keeping courses Practical, Relevant and Fun, we can provide precisely what Spanish for Vet Pros need: Spanish for Vet Pros. 😀

Hasta luego!

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