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We have RACE-certified Spanish courses

When we started Spanish for Veterinary Professionals, our goal was always to provide high-quality, relevant and fun courses for veterinary professionals, and we knew that we had to become RACE-certified . It took us some time to create the modules and make sure they were exactly what our students needed. After some months of tweaking and refining, it was finally ready to go. We have RACE-certified Spanish courses.

We had to upload the curriculum for every module, learning objectives and how many hours we were applying for. Our program is classified as “non-medical” and we can give up to 40 credit hours and can give partial credit as well. This means that if you only had time to take one module, then you can still claim those 10 hours. 

Screenshot from AAVSB RACE information

We can upload to the website CE Broker ( for those of you who use their online service, and/or we send certificates via email upon completion of the module. As always, you let us know your preferences and we do our best to accommodate!

Having RACE certification means that you can use your CE allowance to take these classes. More than half of our courses are paid for directly by the clinic, and we are very happy to provide a link for them to pay. Just let us know the contact details and we take it from there. We find that clinics are very supportive of their staff taking Spanish courses, either during work time or after hours. We love seeing you all at work although it can be a bit disruptive as we all know that unless you’re out of the clinic, something important always pops up. We even had one veterinarian log into the Zoom class just to let us know that he couldn’t make it as he was prepping for emergency surgery.

We are always very flexible with last-minute cancellations and postponements as we know that work and life happens. Our teachers know to wait 10-15 minutes just in case the student is running late, but that if no one showed up, there’s no penalty and we just reschedule or meet up in the next scheduled class. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments or special requests, we are here for you. Hope to see you in the next class!

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