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Origin Story - Spanish for Vet Pros

Hola! Pete here, the other co-founder of Spanish for Vet Pros. I provide the academic direction, curriculum development, team training and management. 

During the pandemic I did what all teachers did: online teaching. After 20 years of being an English teacher and ESL teacher trainer, I wanted to try something different so I decided to teach Spanish online. After creating a pilot program, I offered complementary Spanish classes for some of our close friends and family. After a class with one of Dr. M's vet school classmates, she said, "Y'all should do this for vets!" Great idea.

So we did. 

With our powers combined, the Doc provides the content and her vast experience, and I make it into a course. As time and the courses went by, we started hiring more faculty and expanding our courses from the fundamental language for a vet consultation to treating exotics, pharmaceutical lexicon, spay and neuter programs in Spanish-speaking countries as well as emergency vocabulary to name a few. 

We've had the honor to work with a couple of organizations like LVMA as well as with many universities to provide veterinary Spanish instruction. Huge props to the admin for attaining the RACE certification, more on that later. 

As we keep growing, this blog is a great opportunity to connect with you – the reason why this venture has been a success. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your continued support. We'll keep improving our craft to keep providing the best service possible. 

Next time, we'll bring you up to speed with what we currently have going on. 

Hasta luego!


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