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Feeling confident and fluent in interacting with clients

¡Hola a todos!

From the first class I taught two years ago, I realized a class for a veterinary professional would be a new and different experience. Besides learning a lot of specific vocabulary that now I can use when I go to the vet with my cats, I’m more aware of the many challenges of working in veterinary medicine and how important it is to create a fun and welcoming space in my classes. Listening and customizing have been the key to make classes as useful and comfortable as every student needs.

We have created a space where students can relax and learn at their own pace. It is not about grades or competition, it is about feeling confident and fluent in interacting with clients and/or colleagues in daily work life en español. I have learnt about shelters, emergency clinics, exotic animals and so much more while hearing my students' stories which have also inspired us to create new exercises later.

Flexibility goes beyond rescheduling a class. It’s also about redesigning a class when I notice my students are exhausted or sad after a long day/week of work. It is also about repetition when a student doesn’t have the time to practice the new words outside the class or move forward when I see a student is advanced and is ready for more challenging exercises. It’s been rewarding to get emails from my students saying they were able to communicate with clients and to use all the vocabulary we practiced.

Something very important about my experience is that I’ve also enjoyed the flexibility! My trip around Europe for 5 months wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t had a job like this. I had the chance to experience the digital nomad life and it was fun to teach from different countries and travel virtually with my students.

¡Muchas gracias, SVP!

Maricela Pulido

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