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Client Communication in Spanish

Now that you’ve gotten some of the story behind the beginning of our program, let’s chat a bit about what each module contains and why we decided to focus on certain aspects.

Screenshot of Module 1 description from the website

This course is about client communication. Module 1 starts when the client walks into your clinic. 

Hello, how are you? My name is Dr. Mandala and I’ll be your vet today. And who do we have here?

That’s the opening dialogue I use with my clients, but you can input your own greeting that you use every day. We give some cultural contexts during this module, such as using niño or niña when referring to the patient and how that will break the ice and make your clients feel comfortable. 

We use the first few classes to make you feel comfortable, too. Our teachers are professional teachers of Spanish and they all happen to be Colombians and animal lovers, too! They will encourage you to speak, to make mistakes, to just keep trying because we have the biggest respect for those of you taking the course on your own time, away from your normal lives or busy work day. 

In Module 1, we go further into signs and symptoms, practice the target vocabulary and then just practice, practice, practice using the scenarios you might have come across at work, or the ones that are relevant to small animal practice. We had one student, a vet, who wanted to replay the conversation she tried to have about flea and tick preventatives. This process took about four classes, and her teacher incorporated her goals and by the end of Module 1, she was able to introduce herself and go through a whole conversation about monthly treatments, how much they cost, where they can be bought and even cashing them out for their appointment. All of that target vocabulary she learned is relevant in so many other conversations you’ll have with your clients.

Our content is practical and case-based and is backed by my 18 years as a clinical veterinarian. Our methodology is backed by Pete’s 23 years in foreign-language education. Together with our amazing, compassionate teachers, we provide a nurturing and practical experience to be able to communicate with your Spanish-speaking clients.

Give it a try and let us know how you like it!

Hasta luego,

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