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Veterinary Emergencies in Spanish

In veterinary emergencies, time is of the essence. Being able to quickly and accurately communicate with clients in their preferred language can help gather crucial information about the pet's condition, medical history, and any relevant details that can aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Effective communication goes beyond language; it involves understanding cultural nuances and sensitivities. Learning Spanish demonstrates respect for Spanish-speaking clients and their culture, fostering trust and rapport, which is especially important in high-stress situations like emergencies. Clients may be anxious and confused about their pet's condition and the recommended course of action. Being able to explain medical terms, procedures, and treatment options in Spanish helps ensure that clients fully understand the situation and can make informed decisions regarding their pet's care.

After we designed the standard 4-module small animal course, we went on to other specialties. Emergency medicine has different scenarios. We put together the top 10 most common small animal emergencies and built this special 1-module course: Veterinary Emergencies in Spanish.

Emergency medicine screenshot from website


The top 10 list:

1. is vomiting

2. has diarrhea 

3. sleeps a lot

4. hit by a car 

5. (dog/cat) bite/attack

6. seems tired

7. coughing

8. not eating

9. straining to (urinate/defecate)

10. having seizures

Of course, along the same lines as our regular modules, the topics can be customized to meet the most common emergencies that you see in your area (porcupines? heatstroke?). We still go over the basics of greetings and history-taking, diagnostics and homecare instructions. 

You still have the same compassionate, caring teachers to guide you through your journey. You still have the same flexible schedule and no penalties for postponing classes, even if it is last-minute. Emergencies happen and we totally understand! Hope to see you in a future class!

Hasta luego,

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