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Spanish for Vet Professionals' Customer Service Manager

Our Spanish for Vet Professionals' Customer Service Manager is Piña Colada. She was named with the theme of naming for beverages after Gin and Juice. This Lab-mutt cuteness couldn't be a sweeter being, just like the drink.

Cream-colored dog with bandana in front of the ocean
Piña Colada loves to bring smiles to everyone!

Here's the story: while taking Juicy on walks around the neighborhood, we met this super skinny and absolutely lovely cream colored puppy at the park. Although she acted happy and excited, she was emaciated. We guess that she may have strayed too far from home as a puppy and gotten lost.

After playing in the park she followed us home and it was heartbreaking shooing her away. We decided that if we saw her on the streets again we'd give her a home. It seemed that Juicy went looking for her every time we went on a walk after that. 

Then one day the cream colored happy pup was at the park again! Juicy lost her mind and they played like two long-lost sisters. We adopted Piña to be Juicy's much needed companion.

The first night she slept through the night and all the next day. Dr. Mandala sat with her for over an hour removing all of the ticks and fleas that Piñita was covered with. Her ears were gnarly. She just cuddled with us and slept her worries away. 

A thin white puppy laying on the floor looking sad
Her first day inside--she looks so sad.

Since then, she's taught Juicy how to be a dog. They play together, eat together, cuddle when they sleep and are the best doggy duo ever. Piña likes going on hikes and swimming in the beach with Mandala, while Juicy hangs out with me, preferring to chill out in the shade. 

White dog with red harness on the left and black dog with purple harness on the right
Piña Colada and Juicy posing for the camera

And that wraps up our family unit, for now. 

Next up - let's dive into some descriptions of our modules that we offer through our online classes. 

Hasta luego!

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